Website Design

Your practice has so much to worry about outside of the world wide web. Your finances, your employees, your products, your customer support, and many other things. I am a designer that live to provide you with a design that meets your industry. My designs are 100% customized and 100% tailored for your field. All my website designs are state-of-the-art and tailored to my liking.

Website Development

Have a neat idea for a web application? Does your practice repeat the same tasks over and over every day, and you wish there was something out there that was tailored to the way that your company works? I knows how you feel. We spend countless hours writing little scripts to make My day to day work easier. I will listen to your current workflow, make suggestions, and then get to the drawing boards and start developing your custom application for your company.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Have a website that you have to pay loads of money to get updated? Want to be able to update your website yourself? I specializes in converting your current website into a new Content Management System (with Word press, Joomla, Open Cart). This allows you to stop paying a web developer to make simple text edits to your website. A CMS is easy to utilize and can be done on any computer that has a web browser installed. There is no additional software that you have to purchase, its all done in a browser! I finds the CMS that will best suit your company, and then will convert your website so that you can begin to make simple edits to your website and keep it up to date.

Print Designing

Design is my business, and slotting your business into top position is my mission. Graphic Design, Artwork Corrections, InDesign Support, Outsourced Printing, Online Print Shop, Photo Retouching

Photography & photo retouching

Flash presentations & audio-visuals

Direct mailers and promotional Ideas