Serif vs Sans Serif Fonts

So many peoples racking there brain when they come across this question, which typefaces is good to use whether sans serif or sans. I was also one of them.

Before going ahead see major difference between serif and sans serif fonts.

Serif fonts: Serif have little decorative stroke that extends from letters and symbols. Those strokes can be decorative, plain or sharp.
Well known sans serif fonts: Times Roman, Times New Roman, Rockwell, Georgia and Baskerville


Sans Serif Fonts: Apposite to Serif fonts here is not any strokes to the edges of fonts so edges are sharp. In French ‘Sans’ means ‘without’ (Sans Serif = without edges)
Well known sans serif fonts: Helvetica, Arial, Futura and Franklin Gothic.


There are so many confusions because there are some old myths associated with serif and sans serif typefaces.

I have searched lot on this and here is something which I would like to share.



The myth I found is serif fonts are easy to user’s eye to follow the text especially when photo size is small.
Sayings are that website screen quality and readability is not good with serif fonts.
That’s why serif is mostly useful in print media e.g. brochures, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards etc.

But we can see very good examples of websites with serif font and this are very popular.


Sans fonts website



Sans fonts on website


Exact apposite to the myth of serif, sans serif fonts are mostly useful on web only and not for print media. And myth is serif fonts decreases the screen quality and readability.

But see there are also very good examples of printed cover pages and books.


Sans Serif fonts
Book with Sans Serif fonts
Sans Serif fonts
Book with Sans Serif fonts



















I would like to say here that don’t west you time on thinking that which font faces are better? Sans or Sans serif. As we have seen above very good examples of vice versa of myths. So my finding is that there will be not any limitations or restrictions on the use of font’s faces. We can use either serif or sans serif as per what type of end users, type of typography and foreground-background colors.

So henceforth instead binding yourself with old myths, do whatever to create more appealing content and an attractive UI.


Anil Giri is the guy who can develop UI/UX with html, css and javascript and also able to create attractive and catchy UI for print media as well as for web with latest pattern and for all the major browsers and devices. I also loves blogging on web design, development and blogging.

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  • August 2, 2019 at 5:59 am

    Thank you Anil for explaining the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts. The image you have used for explaining it was very helpful.

    • August 2, 2019 at 10:47 am

      Thanks for your comment and appreciation…


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