Earn money online using photography

Earn money online using photography, is not so hard to make money with selling photos clicked by you. Many Peoples love photography and they can use there hobby to earn some extra money. Before spend money to buy DSLR consider about your smartphone camera.  You may think that it is bit crazy thing to earn money with selling your clicks, but it is true.

Around us there are millions of peoples who need to use photos every day to create impressive graphics in magazines, brochures, hoardings and websites and they are ready to pay for copy right to photographers. So photography lovers, especially travelers or creative peoples can take it as golden opportunity to earn some extra money.  Let’s see some ways to earn money with selling your clicks online.

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Some popular methods of earning money with photos.

Yes there are so many methods to earn money with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Some professional photographers create their own portfolios with lots of creative photos to attract viewers (daily visitors) to their site. After a good niche they sell some space on portfolio for advertisement.

Some photographers Sell directly there clicked photos with own online photo gallery.

But for all above methods we have need proper photography knowledge, good photography eye and huge photo gallery.

Now you may think that we are not professional photographer or we didn’t have huge photos gallery or we don’t have professional DSLR camera etc. etc., Wait and stop thinking because for you, there are very best way to start selling clicks and earn money.

Lot of websites are available on internet for you and you can take advantage of all this to Sell your clicks. Below is the list of some websites.






All you have need to do is sign up on all/anyone of above sites to earn money online using photography. And it is free of cost to create account on above sites. Once account created you can upload your clicks and after approved by authorities, your portfolio is ready. And now you are ready turn your clicks into money.

How this websites regulate your photographs  

Each of them have their own rules and regulations, guideline about what kind of photographs need to be uploaded, what kind of photographs they required and what should be resolutions of photographs.

Below is the same rules which set by many of above sites.

  • Many of them accept only JPG and GIF images formats.
  • Many of them accepts files 1600 x 1200 pixels or larger. Lower than this will declined.
  • Many of them accepts nudity photos.
  • They didn’t accept photographs which are not with proper names, for examples 123.jpg, player-1.jpg, NewPhoto.jpg.
  • Proper keywords are required with all you photos. Which tells more about photo. It helps SEO.
  • Logo, trademarks, product and company names are not acceptable in photographs so you must need to remove it from all images before uploading it.


How to promote your photos to earn money online using photography

It is also a big question that how to increase visitors and get noticed your photos because it is important thing to earn money online using photography, because already there are so many competitors using same way to earn money. So it is important to get noticed and soled. Below are some methods which you can follow to promote and increase earnings.

  • When you upload photos just share it on your social media accounts.
  • Use good keywords and description so that it will easily get found in searches.
  • Do some makeup to your photographs with Photoshop or any other photo editing software.
  • Follow some bloggers who are already have good niche in photography.
  • Use images with white background so that it is easy to marge and manipulate to users.
  • Learn from declined submissions. Keep in mid given reasons behind declined submissions.

How do I get paid?

 Here is also different rules of payments of all above websites. You will receive a payment in the following methods.

  1. Bank Transfer.
  2. Paper Cheque.
  3. PayPal.
  4. Prepaid MasterCard.

 Every website has determined there, when and how they made payment. Most of the time you should determine payment mode when creating account.


Anil Giri is the guy who can develop UI/UX with html, css and javascript and also able to create attractive and catchy UI for print media as well as for web with latest pattern and for all the major browsers and devices. I also loves blogging on web design, development and blogging.

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